DWR-720PW T2

3G FLLA Wi-Fi Phone

D-Link’s DWR-720PW FLLA (Fixed Line Look Alike) phone lets you make the best use of your wireless network resource while acting as a hotspot for other devices to connect to the internet.

– 3G & 2G fixed wireless support
– Supports Wi-Fi hotspot
– 2.4 inch colour screen
– Voice calls, call forwarding, call baring, call waiting & voicemail
– Supports shortcut keys
– Supports IPV6
– Supports GPS & AGPS
– 1x External antenna

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I received my FLLA phone – what now?

Unbox and charge device as per user guide. Insert SIM card after existing copper service is switched off,
hold in the red power button on the device for 5 seconds to power on the phone. Then follow the steps on the quick setup guide provided in the box.
If service is still not active reboot device by switching off (hold in red button for 5 seconds) wait 5 minutes and then switch on again.

My receiver has no sound and only my loud speaker works?

Make sure your handset coil is connected fully. You should hear an audible click when the coil is connect into receiver.

My phone doesn’t start up

Your battery may be completely flat. Please charge your phone until the battery power is restored, then try to power on again. Check the charger to see if it’s working properly and proper contact is made with the Phone power jack.

“Insert SIM card” appears on the screen.

Make sure the SIM card is correctly inserted as per the instructions. Check if the SIM card works properly in another device where possible. SIM card may be defective or faulty. Please contact you Network Provider for a SIM swop if faulty.

“No Service” is displayed.

Check the signal indicator. If there is no signal, you may be in a network blind area of a building. Please move to other locations and ensure your antenna has been screwed on to receive signal. Or potentially you are not in a coverage area. If so, please contact your Network Provider for assistance.

“Enter PIN code” appears on the screen.

Enter the PIN code of your SIM card. Please contact your Network Provider immediately if you do not know the code.

Can I use this phone as a mobile phone?

No. The phone is meant to be used as a Fixed line device, just like how the old phones were connected to a telephone cable. This phone needs to be plugged into a power source to function correctly. However, you can take the phone off charge to walk around during short calls, but it is recommended to always keep it on charge – especially during long calls.

I can’t play my music/video file from the File Manager

Check that the file is not corrupt and the file type is supported by the phone. To check for a list of support formats, please refer to the manual.

I can’t access the internet

Check that you have a positive data balance on the SIM card. To check, dial *188# on Telkom. To purchase data through the Telkom USSD function, dial *180# and follow the on screen instructions.

Also check that the correct APN settings has been selected. To check the APN settings

Press Menu -> Settings ->Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks (APN) -> Access Point Names





Manual User Manual pdf Download
Datasheet Full Technical Specifications pdf Download
Installation Guide Quick Installation Guide pdf Download