D-View 7 Network Management System

The D-View 7 Network Management System is a comprehensive standards-based management tool designed to centrally manage critical network characteristics such as availability, reliability, resilience, and security in a consistent way. Flexible and versatile, D-View 7 uses cutting edge web technology to provide a comprehensive software toolbox that can be accessed without the need to install software onto the client.

A free version of D-View 7 provides 25 nodes and 2 probes. If your deployment requires more than that, please acquire additional licenses accordingly.
You can find out more about the DV-700 by clicking here

Comprehensive Management

Manage your network effectively with useful tools and features such as Batch Configuration, SNMP, and Flexible Command Line Dispatch.

Hassle-Free Network Management

Graphical and detailed dashboard provides a centralized and convenient way to manage and monitor your network.

Extensive Device Support

Supports a large number of devices including smart and managed switches, unified access points, and wireless controllers, as well as non-D-Link devices.

Flexible Architecture

D-View 7 is organized into a server-probe architecture, which simplifies data collection across complex networks. Monitoring and configuring multiple devices at remote locations, across the Internet, or behind a NAT is no longer an issue with the D-View 7. Remotely deployed probes will automatically tunnel home, allowing for the management of devices that cannot be directly accessed using standard SNMP. When a device is selected for management, D-View 7 probes will relay the command to the devices and then report back its data to the server.

Simplify Network Management

D-View 7 supports various predefined configuration templates which can help users manage multiple devices easily. For complex configuration, D-View 7 also has the ability to deploy CLI scripts across multiple devices simultaneously. This allows D-View 7 to support a wide range of configuration features and virtually any device as long as it supports CLI settings. With a highly customizable scheduling system, D-View 7 can allow users to assign tasks to be issued during off peak hours or any other planned maintenance time frame. Users can have the peace of mind knowing that routine maintenance task and configurations will be automatically managed and monitored by the event notification system. D-View 7 also supports periodic tasks which can be run daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Manage Third-party Devices

Network administrators can customize the SOID and related information of virtually any 3rd party device which lets D-View 7 identify many third party devices and manage them. D-View 7 can then check the health status of those devices, issue CLI commands, and do standard management and monitoring. Combined with the new D-View 7 graphical dashboard, network administrators can get near real-time feedback on the status of their network.

Enhanced Trap and Syslog Analysis

D-View 7 also functions as a trap and syslog server which can collect all of the trap or syslog data from multiple devices across a network. This gives network administrators a centralized place to collect important data, which can then be searched easily from within D-View 7. The advanced search system lets network administrators set keyword combinations, and generate alarms based on events that are reported in the trap or syslog feature. It can also let network administrators set key works, keyword combinations, and generate alarms based on a reported trap or syslog.