18-Port PoE Unmanaged Surveillance Switch

The D-Link DSS-100E-18P 18-Port PoE Unmanaged Surveillance Switch with 16 IEEE 802.3at compatible ports. The DSS-100E-18P enables users to easily connect and supply power to PoE capable devices, such as wireless Access Points (APs), IP cameras, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and IP phones. Your network is at the center of any physical security system, responsible for securely streaming and saving surveillance footage.

– 16x 10/100 Mbps PoE ports
– 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
– 1x GbE/SFP combo uplink port
– Power Budget: 230 watts (30 W max per port)
– High ESD 6kV surge protection for both PoE ports and power supply
– IEEE 802.3x flow control
– Long-reach 250 m PoE connection with further extension configurations of up to 650 m

Designed for Surveillance

The DSS-100E-18P features three modes: Standard, Isolate, and Extend modes allow users to choose the interface best suited for their deployments needs.

Long-Reach Extension

Ports 9-16 support extended PoE with data transmission of up to 250 meters to supply power in far-reaching network deployments.

High Level Protection

Each port and the power supply are equipped with 6kV surge protection, enhancing safety for the switch and all connected devices.

Surveillance-Minded DIP Switch

Effortlessly adjust the DSS-100E-18P’s operation configuration with a tri-mode DIP switch, conveniently located on the device’s front panel. D-Link’s DSS-100E-18P 18-Port PoE Unmanaged Surveillance Switch has three operating modes; Standard, Isolation and Extended modes, each with their own use cases. Standard mode optimally is for connections up to 100 m, supporting 10/100 Mbps per port with priority to ports 1-8 to optimize port cache. Isolation mode prevents port to port communications, permitting ports 1-16 to communicate solely through ports 17-18, where strengthened security measures are implemented. Extended mode utilizes long-reach PoE connections, where ports 9-16 support 250 m connections while ports 1-8 support standard 100m connections.

Long-Reach PoE Connection

The DSS-100E-18P supports long-range PoE connection configurations, simplifying the issues of distance, power source, and cable deployment for your network systems. Extend connection distances with reduced power transmission loss. Utilize 250 m PoE cable connections at transmission speeds of 10 Mbps. Take advantage of D-Link’s GE PoE Extenders to power devices up to 650 m away, making the DSS-100E-18P 18-Port PoE Unmanaged Surveillance Switch the ideal choice for deploying PoE devices to your network, no matter your deployment’s location.

Resilient 6kV Surge Protection

The DSS-100E-18P is equipped with 6kV surge protection, keeping this switch safe against lightning strikes or other power related incidents. This shield prevents PoE devices from electrical damage, ensuring your vital surveillance systems continue functioning, completely uninterrupted. In the event of an electrical emergency, the DSS-100E-18P will safeguard your cameras, storage devices while keeping your network running, providing reliability and robustness when it counts the most.

Power Over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af/at

The DSS-100E-18P features 16 IEEE 802.3af and IEE 802.3at PoE protocol compatible ports. Each of the PoE ports can supply up to 30 watts, with a
total PoE budget of 230 watts, allowing users to attach an IEEE 802.3af or IEE 802.3at-compliant device to the DSS-100E-18P without requiring additional power. PoE is especially suitable for devices that are far from power outlets or when users want to minimize the clutter of extra cables as power is supplied via the Ethernet cables themselves.

Expand Your Network

The addition of one Gigabit Ethernet port and one GbE/SFP combo uplink port means businesses can increase their network bandwidth using the speed
of Gigabit Ethernet while offering redundancy so that voice and surveillance data are transferred reliably. The combo design can increase bandwidth by offering Gigabit copper or fiber connections, giving administrators more options for expansion.





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