Management Module

the DMC-1000 Media Converter Chassis provides a practical solution for installing multiple media converters in one convenient chassis. This both saves space and optimizes cable placement. The chassis can also be used in conjunction with the DMC-1002 Management Module, which allows administrators to monitor and manage all media converters installed in the DMC-1000 remotely.

– 1x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 port & 1 x RJ-45 Console port
– Manage your media converters remotely with the DMC-1002 management module
– Plug-and-Play, no additional software required
– Remote management through SNMP, CLI, or Web UI

Flexible Selection

A wide range of single-channel media converters, suitable for expanding any network depending on the speed and distance of the cable length.

Maximum Uptime

Support for intelligent troubleshooting features such as LLCF and LLR to easily diagnose and quickly address problems within the expanded network.

Storage and Management

Store up to 16 media converters in the space-saving DMC-1000 chassis.

Dedicated Storage Solution

The DMC Series product lineup includes a wide range of independent media converters as well as the DMC-1000 Media Converter Chassis, capable of housing up to 16 media converters. You can start with a single media converter, equipped with its own housing and AC power supply. As network requirements grow, you can mount the DMC-1000 in your equipment rack and conveniently install all your media converters into the chassis. The housing of each media converter can be easily removed, allowing it to be installed into the chassis. The installed converter module is then powered by the chassis’ power supply.

Flexible Media Conversion

Media converters convert signals that are transmitted from one type of media to another so that they can be transmitted over a different type of media. This series of media converters converts 10/100/1000 Mbps copper Ethernet to a 100/1000 Mbps fiber optic connection. This allows you to expand your network by connecting longer distance, high-speed fiber optic cables between devices that are otherwise connected with short distance Ethernet cables, such as Cat. 5 twisted-pair cables.

Remote Management

The DMC-1000 chassis can also be equipped with the DMC-1002 Management Module. This module allows administrators to remotely manage and monitor the real-time status of all media converters and power supplies in the chassis, and sends out alarms to alert you of any abnormal situations. The management module follows industry standards, including SNMP and HTTP, allowing you to monitor and manage the mounted media converters and power supplies from a third-party SNMP Network Management Station (NMS) or via a web browser.





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