28 Port Industrial Layer 2+ Gigabit Managed Switches

The DIS-700G-28XS Industrial Layer 2+ Gigabit Managed Switch is designed specifically to withstand temperature range, vibrations and shock. These rugged yet easy to deploy switches have superior environmental specifications compared to those of commercial network switches. With its hardened design combined with high availability network features, these switches form vital parts of any network infrastructure facilitating the increasing demand for smart cities, city-wide surveillance and wireless connectivity.

– 24x Gigabit SFP ports
– 4x Gigabit SFP+ ports
– Advanced QoS
– Reverse Polarity Protection
– Wide operating temperature (-40 ~ 75 °C)
– High EMC endurance
– Dual power input for redundant power supplies

Rugged, Hardened Design

Designed to operate in wide temperature ranges, handle vibration and shock, allowing the switches to be deployed in enclosures or cabinets in outdoor locations.

High Availability

Comprehensive network redundancy features with fast fault recovery, together with advanced security features provides industrial-grade reliability and protection.

Multi-layer ACL Support

Flexible combination of Layer 2/3/4 support for VLAN ID, MAC address, Ether type, source/destination IP address, UDP/TCP, DSCP or TsS value.


The DIS-700G-28XS is ideal for customers looking for cost-effective and customisable networking solutions with redundancy, security and advanced QoS functionalities,
designed for industrial environments.


– Challenging environmental conditions
– High-end network redundancy topologies
– High ambient temperatures


– Heavy industrial / factory automation
– Intelligent transport system (ITS) / railway applications
– City surveillance / smart cities





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