SharePort Go II – N300 Portable Router

Connect, share, and charge anytime, anywhere with D-Link’s DIR-508L SharePort Go II – N300 Portable Router and Charger. It’s simple to stay connected with the DIR-508L, whether you’re at home or away, or using a notebook or a tablet. It shares files stored on an SD card or USB drive with all your mobile devices. It’s even a mobile power station that keeps your mobile devices charged and ready to go, so you never have to slow down.

– Shares your Internet connection through Wireless N with speeds up to 300 Mbps
– Automatically detects the appropriate connection mode to use
– Plug in a USB storage drive or SD card for easy file access
– Stream your files over the Internet to your mobile device with the mydlink SharePort™ app
– High-capacity 4000 mAh rechargeable battery

Connect all your devices to the Internet

Access the Internet with all your devices, whether you’re sharing a premium wireless hotspot or your 3G/4G USB adapter’s mobile Internet connection.

Share your files easily

Stream photos, music, videos, and documents stored on an SD card or USB drive directly to multiple mobile devices through the mydlink SharePort™ app.

Charge your mobile devices on the go

The built-in 4000 mAh rechargeable battery keeps your mobile devices charged and ready for action no matter where you go.

Your Internet Link For All Your Devices

The SharePort™ Go II makes it easy to keep all your devices connected to the Internet no matter where you are; just connect your devices to its wireless network, and the DIR-508L takes care of the rest. Connect it to your broadband modem or wired hotel connection to share it wirelessly. Plug in a 3G/4G USB adapter to share your mobile Internet connection on the road. You can even connect it to a hotspot to provide instant access for all your devices without the bother of connecting each device individually. Best of all, it automatically detects what type of connection you’re using so you just have to turn it on.

Access Your Files Anytime, Anywhere

Create your own personal cloud storage space that you can access anytime through the mydlink SharePort™ app. Plug an SD card or USB drive into the SharePort™ Go II to stream your library of videos and music to your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to all your favorite songs and shows without filling up your mobile device’s limited storage. You can even access your files over the Internet, making it easy to access your files when on the go.

Your Mobile Power Station

The DIR-508L’s built-in high-capacity 4000 mAh rechargeable battery not only powers the device itself, but it keeps your gadgets charged and ready to go. You no longer have to worry about your smartphone’s battery dying with no power outlet nearby – just connect your smartphone to the USB port and keep on going. You can even charge high-power devices like iPads, all from a compact device that fits in your pocket.

Stream Your Media

The SharePort™ Go II can even be used as a media server for your home, and includes a built-in DLNA server to stream media stored on a USB storage drive or SD card to any DLNA compliant player, including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

The SharePort™ Go II includes a user-friendly interface that remembers your connection details for you so you only have to enter them once. Whether you’re connected to your 3G/4G adapter for mobile Internet or the Wi-Fi hotspot of your favorite café, the DIR-508L helps you stay connected with all of your devices, automatically!





Datasheet Full Technical Specifications pdf Download
Manual User Manual pdf Download
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