10 Port Managed Gigabit Switches

The DGS-3000-10L Managed Gigabit Switch is part of the Layer 2 family of D-Link’s managed switch product line that provides wired Gigabit speeds for Metro Ethernet and campus networks. They feature a variety of ports, surge protection, advanced Layer 2 functions, and a suite of security and management tools make the DGS-3000-10L Managed Gigabit Switch ideal for Metro Ethernet and campus applications.

– 8x 10/100/1000 Mbps ports
– 2x SFP ports
– 6 kV surge protection for Ethernet ports
– Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS)
– Redundant power supply (RPS) support
– Access Control Lists (ACLs)
– VLAN trunking/mirroring & ISM VLAN (Multicast VLAN)

Comprehensive Security Solution

Support for Access Control Lists (ACLs), multiple user authentication methods, and IP-MAC-Port Binding ensures a secure network environment.

Superior Reliability

Per-port surge protection, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), and redundant power supply (RPS) features maximize service availability.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Centralized configuration allows for Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), enabling rapid deployment of large networks with minimal manual configuration.

Multi-Gigabit Performance

The DGS-3000-10L Managed Gigabit Switch come with a variety of port types, including 1G RJ-45 ports, 1G SFP ports, and 10G SFP+ ports.

Efficient and Resilient Networking

The DGS-3000-10L supports up to 6 kV surge protection on all Ethernet ports, protecting the switch from power surges due to lightning strikes or faulty electrical cabling. The DGS-3000-10L supports ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), which allows 50 millisecond failover in the event of a failure of one of the rings, minimizing service disruption. The switches also support IEEE 802.1AX and 802.3ad Link Aggregation, which allows grouping of multiple ports to provide redundancy and load balancing in mission-critical environments.

Quality of Service

The DGS-3000-10L implements a rich set of multilayer QoS/CoS features to ensure that critical network services such as VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV, and IP surveillance are given high priority. Flexible packet classification can be based on various header fields or user-defined packet content to help administrators prioritize network traffic. Traffic shaping features guarantee bandwidth for these critical services when the network is busy. Multilayer QoS/CoS features let IT managers arrange network resources more efficiently in enterprise environments.

Identity-driven Network Policies

The DGS-3000-10L supports authentication mechanisms such as 802.1X port-based Access Control, Web-based Access Control (WAC), and MAC-based Access Control (MAC) for strict access control to network resources. After authentication, individual policies such as VLAN membership, QoS policies, and ACL rules can be assigned to each host. Additionally, the switches support Microsoft® NAP (Network Access Protection), which allows network assets to be protected from compromised computers by enforcing compliance with network health policies.


D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) simplifies and speeds up management tasks, allowing multiple switches to be configured, monitored, and maintained from any workstation running a web browser and with network connectivity. All switches can be managed as a virtual stack, allowing physically separate switches to be managed using a single IP address. The DGS-3000 Series also supports management tools such as a Web UI, SSH, Telnet, and console, and standards-based protocols such as SNMP, RMON, and SSL.

Security & Authentication

The DGS-3000-10L offers user and device authentication, including hostbased authentication and authorization, which provide the option to finely control network access for each device on the network. Advanced features such as RADIUS accounting allow the switches to be integrated with backend systems for billing or advanced access control. The DGS-3000-10L also supports address and interface binding features such as IP-MAC-Port Binding and ARP Spoofing Prevention to help protect against Man-in-the-Middle or ARP Spoofing attacks.





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