Advanced IPS License Subscription

The D-Link NetDefend IPS service adopts a unique technology – component-based signatures, built to recognize and protect against all varieties of known and unknown attacks, addressing all critical aspects of an attack or potential attack including payload, NOP sled, infection, and exploits. In terms of signature coverage, the IPS database includes attack information and data from a global attack sensor-grid and exploits collected from public sites such as the National Vulnerability Database and Bugtrax. D-Link is committed to deliver high quality IPS signatures by constantly creating and optimizing NetDefend signatures via the D-Link Auto-Signature Sensor System. Without overloading existing security appliances, D-Link IPS signatures ensure a high ratio of detection accuracy and the lowest ratio of false positives.

Please note that this license works only with DFL-870 and cannot be activated on any other model. Please make sure you are buying the correct license for your model.

– 12/24/36 month subscriptions available

Zero Day Attack Protection

IPS captures variations of attacks and stealthy malicious traffic to prevent outbreaks of these threats without creating unnecessary new signatures while still protecting against Zero-Day attacks.

Complete IPS Signature Advisory

Complete IPS logs with vulnerability ID numbers, severity levels, attack descriptions, and recovery solutions enable MIS personnel to know about and respond quickly to network attacks.

Comprehensive IPS Signature Database

Protect the system against network attacks using over 1,800 signatures as well as protocol anomaly inspection.

Continuous Automatic Signature Updates

All IPS signatures are continuously updated automatically and made available through D-Link update servers worldwide. The service keeps your IPS signature database as current as possible at the outside of new threats.

Focus on Attack Payload, not Attackers or IP Addresses

The IPS scan engine is an in-depth inspection of data from Layer 2 to Layer 7 protecting against both false positives and false negatives and preventing various types of network-based threats with a high degree of accuracy.

My D-Link

My D-Link portal provides a registration and management platform for all D-Link customers. D-Link customers need to register their firewall to receive IPS update services from the NetDefend Center’s My D-Link. The current status of all registered products will be presented, including Model Names, MAC addresses, Serial Numbers, Registration dates, and IPS Service Expiration dates. Customers can easily maintain all firewall registered under My D-Link.