120G Passive CXP Twinaxial Direct Attach Cable

The DEM-CB50CXP 120G Passive CXP Twinaxial Direct Attach Cable carries 12 duplex channels of 10-Gbps data, for up to 120 Gbps in total, making it one of the fastest and highest-density interconnection solutions on the market today. The DEM-CB50CXP is designed to support connections for the new industry-leading 100 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet. The DEM-CB50CXP is intended to be used for physical stacking with the D-Link DXS-3600-32S switch’s DXS-3600-EMStack module to provide you best performance and reliability.

– 120 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet
– CXP Cable Assembly
– Length: 0.5 m

High-Bandwidth High-Speed Solution

Supports up to 120 Gbps of bandwidth over 12 channels of 10G Ethernet, more than capable of handling heavy network traffic and demand.

High Performance

Meets the 100 Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand 12X QDR specifications for superior high-efficiency networking connectivity.

Convenient Usage

Hot pluggable allows for connection or removal without having to power down system; special latch design enables easy disengagement.

Ideal for High-Bandwidth Operations

The 120G Passive CXP Twinaxial Direct Attach Cable supports speeds of up to 10 Gbps over 12 channels, for up to 120 Gbps in total. It can be used for InfiniBand 12X QDR serial links, which
provide high-speed, high-efficiency, and low-latency connections. This makes it an optimal solution for handling high bandwidth transmission for physical stacking usage.

Versatile Configuration

The 120G Passive CXP Twinaxial Direct Attach Cable is designed to accommodate standard, ganged or stacked connector configurations in demanding high-density deployments. The
cable is hot-pluggable, meaning it could be inserted and removed from a device without needing to power down the device. The cable features a latching mechanism that allows for
easy removal.





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