Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera

The mydlink DCS-8630LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera boasts a wide-angle lens accompanied by a 400 lumen spotlight and color night vision, easily capturing your entire outdoor area in high-quality 1080p. It’s a built-in Smart Home Hub, turning the camera into the brain of your mydlink DIY smart home. This is the camera that takes intelligent home surveillance to a whole new level of smart.

– True Full HD 1080p at 30 fps so you never miss a thing
– Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor for highly accurate motion detection that reduces false alarms, even in complete darkness
– Glass Break Detection AI algorithm detects the sound of breaking or shattering glass
– Built-in 100 dB Siren to scare off intruders or alert you to a detection
– Record videos to a microSD card6, your phone, or the cloud

400 Lumen Spotlight

Built-in LEDs cast a bright light over the camera’s view.

Color Night Vision

See and record full color video up to 7 meters in low-light conditions.

Person Detection

Delivers smarter, more relevant alerts.

Secure and Monitor Your Home

Instantly know what is happening day or night with the camera’s built-in home security features. The camera triggers reactions in real-time when the sound of breaking glass is detected. With the two-way audio system, a piercing 100 dB siren, Color Night Vision recording and the 400 lumen spotlight, intruders will definitely think twice before entering your home.

Edge-Based Person Detection

Edge-based Person Detection sets the mydlink Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera in a class of its own. Edge-based technology processes information in real-time, cleverly discerning between human and non-human movement. So unlike other cameras that bog you down with a never-ending stream of irrelevant motion-detection alerts, this camera is intelligent enough to send you alerts only when it really matters – such as distinguishing between a moving bug and a person. And since image processing is done locally on the camera, there’s less lag and less bandwidth required.

Extreme Weather Endurance

The DCS-8630LH can withstand the harshest winter temperatures down to -25°C all the way up to blistering summer heat waves of up to 45°C. The IP65 certified casing and 7 meter cabling protects against snow and ice, giving you peace of mind even in the bleakest of winters. Secure the DCS-8630LH against a pole or on the wall to check up on what’s happening in your outdoor areas without worrying if your camera has frozen over or been damaged by heat.





Datasheet Full Technical Specifications pdf Download
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