D-ViewCam Standard 8 Channel License

The DCS-210 D-ViewCam Standard is a comprehensive network camera surveillance software designed for enterprise users. It centrally manages 8 network cameras and is compatible with current D-Link network cameras and video servers. This software offers digital monitoring and recording of video, audio, and events for use in various security applications. Furthermore, this easy-to-use surveillance software provides users with a wide array of features, including video recording, playback, and live view.

– Supports 8 cameras
– Supports all D-Link camera models
– Connect to D-Link NVR devices to view videos through Remote Live Viewer
– Intelligent search tool for quick and accurate searching of video footage

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Manage up to 64 network cameras on one screen with a user interface that is simple and easy to use.

Multiple -Channel Playback

View and replay high quality real-time video from multiple channels.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Controls

Enable high resolution monitoring while expanding your survey area with motorized pan/tilt.

Live Monitoring & Centralized Management

The DCS-210 is a comprehensive surveillance system designed to centrally manage up to 8 network cameras, while displaying real-time status information. Map Mode allows you to create maps based on camera location and orientation, and the Device Tree lists all the cameras connected to the interface for easy viewing. Additional features such as patrol, rotate, zoom, and focus provide users with optimal control over their video surveillance.

Video Recording & Playback

The D-ViewCam Standard offers scheduled, motion, and manual recording options to meet specific user demands. Recorded files can be searched according to video type or selected within the user interface for playback, editing, or AVI /ASF file conversion.

Event Action Configuration

Event Action provides enhanced surveillance and security by detecting events from smoke detectors, magnetic door sensors, emergency buttons, cameras, card readers, or other I/O devices. Connect any of these devices to the I/O connector of a compatible D-Link network camera so that, when an event triggers a device, a notification is immediately sent to the D-ViewCam Standard/Professional/Enterprise software. The D-ViewCam Standard/Professional/Enterprise then notifies you either by e-mail or an audio alert.

Video & System Database Backup

The D-ViewCam Standard Playback function allows users to load and play a recorded file on a Windows PC. It allows users to monitor a live feed on one computer while watching a recorded file on another. D-ViewCam Standard also provides a utility (DBTool) to reconstruct, repair, or relocate the databases in a local drive or external drive. It also supports the import/export of configuration files – enabling users to synchronize surveillance settings across devices.