28 Port PoE Nuclias Cloud-Managed Switches

D-Link’s Nuclias Cloud is an innovative cloud networking solution that allows you to centrally manage your entire network from anywhere, any time through its intuitive portal interface or mobile app. Featuring a full range of cloud-managed access points and switches supported by zero- touch deployment, Nuclias Cloud enables small businesses and enterprises to quickly deploy and build a powerful and versatile global wired and wireless network.

– 24x 10/100/1000 BASE-T PoE
– 4x GE/SFP combo ports
– PoE Power Budget: 370 W (Ports 1 to 24)
– Supports IEEE 802.3af/at PoE
– PoE+ support with up to 30 W per port
– Access Control Lists (ACLs)

D-Link Nuclias Cloud Management

Extensive range of management functions can be performed hassle-free from anywhere through the D-Link Nuclias cloud.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Cloud-based auto-configuration allows for swift plug and play installation and eliminates the need for on-site setup.

Comprehensive L2 and Network Security Features

Equipped with a complete line-up of L2 and security features, the DBS-2000-28MP includes IGMP snooping, voice VLAN, Spanning Tree Protocols (STP and RSTP), Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). Network maintenance features include loopback detection and cable diagnostics. Loopback detection is used to detect loops created by a specific port and automatically shut down the affected port. The cable diagnostic feature, designed primarily for administrators and customer service representatives, can rapidly discover errors and determine the cable quality, allowing hassle-free diagnostics and maintenance. To ensure the safety and reliability of all sensitive traffic, all management data to and from the cloud is separated from regular data using an SSL encrypted out-of-band connection. In addition, Nuclias offers a range of industry standard authentication and authorisation methods to control user access. Administrator can configure external RADIUS servers and set up IP and MAC-based access control lists to authenticate and authorise clients and create a safe and trusted network environment.

Centralised Management with Nuclias Cloud

Designed to be managed through the Nuclias Cloud, DBS-2000-28MP switches are easily set up with the help of the intuitive browser-based or mobile app interface. Centralised cloud management allows for zero-touch provisioning, enabling businesses to quickly configure, deploy, maintain, and expand their network remotely. Configuration settings can be set up, managed, and deployed through the cloud anytime, anywhere through any web browser or the dedicated mobile app, meaning devices can be deployed at a remote location without any need for trained on-site staff. Save time by configuring switches of the same model series in bulk. Similarly, if the same set of ports of multiple switches uses the same configuration profile, this port configuration can easily be deployed and updated in bulk.

Hassle-free Administration and Versatile Deployment

Using Nuclias Cloud, businesses can now more effectively organise their entire wireless network, manage multiple switches simultaneously and monitor live network statistics. With the user-friendly management dashboard, administrators have access to an intuitive way of organising the network into multiple sites, which simplifies management across multiple areas. With no limitation on the number of devices, businesses can easily cater to the demands of a growing network by simply adding more devices to the network. Over-the-air firmware updates can be automatically pushed to devices through the cloud.

Automated Monitoring and Alerts

Through the intuitive dashboard, administrators can remotely view real-time information about the network and get an instant overview of key network statistics such as performance, connectivity, and network usage. Through the dashboard quickly view both switch and access point status information such as link status and number of connected devices. Easily view your switches’ real-time port traffic and connection status. For switches with PoE ports, you can even see real-time power consumption statistics. Administrators can filter and customise the dashboard to display only the necessary information for a more focused experience. Be ahead of any problems with instant push notifications and alerts that can be customised to ensure that administrators can swiftly identify problems and perform immediate troubleshooting.





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