Nuclias connect AC2300 Wave 2 Access Point

The DAP-2682 Nuclias Connect AC2300 Wave 2 Access Point is designed to support Small-to-Medium Businesses(SMB) or Enterprise environments by providing network administrators with secure and manageable dual-band wireless LAN options, and utilizing the cutting-edge speed of Wireless AC.

– High-speed 2300 Mbps throughput
– 2x Gigabit LAN (PoE supported)
– 4x internal dual-band antennas
– Powerful Wi-Fi MultimediaTM Quality of Service (QoS)
– Free-to-Download Nuclias Connect Management Software
– Traffic Reporting and Analytics
– Remote Configuration and Batch Configuration

This Access Point is Nuclias Compatible

The DAP-2682 is compatible with Nuclias from
Hardware ver: Ax
Firmware ver: 1.00

Wireless Performance

– New-generation IEEE 802.11ac wireless
– High-speed 2300 Mbps throughput
– Dedicated Gigabit LAN port for a wired connection
– Powerful Wi-Fi MultimediaTM Quality of Service (QoS)

Trusted Security

– 128-bit personal/enterprise encryption5
– 64/128 bit WEP
– MAC-based access filtering and WLAN partitioning
– Captive Portal with industry-standard authentication

Extensive Management

– Powerful management, monitoring, and troubleshooting functionality with Nuclias Connect
– Flexible access through web (HTTP), SSL, SSH, and Telnet
– Multiple operation modes including Access Point, Wireless Distribution System (WDS), WDS with Access Point, and Wireless Client
– Wireless scheduling to manage Access Point activity

What is Nuclias?

Nuclias is a centralized software-based network management solution.
Find out more here: www.dlink.com/en/nuclias

Where do I download the Nuclias connect software to get started?

Download the Nuclias connect software for Windows/Linux here: download.nuclias.com

Network-Wide Management

Free to download on Windows server (or Linux via Docker), the Nuclias Connect software currently supports a dozen
new and legacy D-Link Access Point (AP) models, and is capable of managing up to one thousand APs without the
need for additional licensing charges. Coupled with a local lite management smartphone app and an inexpensive optional
hardware controller (The Hub*), Nuclias Connect is even suitable for remote locations where a dedicated PC or server might be impractical.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Through software-based monitoring and remote management of all wireless Access Points (APs) on your network, Nuclias Connect
offers tremendous flexibility compared to traditional hardwarebased management systems. Configuration can be done remotely
and management software is customizable. Nuclias Connect enables control and analytics of a broad or fine granularity,
presentable in a variety of formats. Additionally, admins can provide and manage a variety of distributed deployments, including the
option to configure settings and customize admin accounts for each deployment. Nuclias Connect gives you the financial and technical
flexibility to expand from a small network to a larger one (up to 1,000 APs), while retaining a robust and centralized management system.

Easy Administration

Nuclias Connect supports multi-tenancy, so network admins can grant localized management authority for local networks.
In addition, because APs can support eight SSIDs per radio, administrators have the option of using one SSID to create a
guest network for visitors. Nuclias Connect allows for multiple user authentications and also makes it possible to configure
specific access controls for each SSID, giving admins the option of configuring separate internal networks for different subnets. This
means that more advanced Value-Added Services, such as Captive Portal or Wi-Fi Hotspot, can be used to help manage wireless
network traffic.

Insights at a Glance

Gain an extensive understanding of your network through usage analytics and status reports which can be viewed easily at a glance.
Insights derived from traffic data can create business value. Traffic can be viewed across the entire network or at the level of a single AP.

Network Security and Data Privacy

Nuclias Connect balances the need for access convenience with the need for security. All communications over the system are
encrypted (WPA2/WPA3), with your user data never leaving your possession. Additional security measures (such as firewalls)
can also be added to your network, with no unneeded technical difficulty.





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