How to use the copper powerlines your home already has to build a wired network that extends throughout your home or office without being affected by all the walls in-between.

The problem with Wi-Fi is it can't span a number of rooms, multiple floors or make it past interference to where we need it and still be at peak strength. On the other hand running unsightly Ethernet cables throughout your home isn't a feasible option no matter how desperate you are to get internet to those deadspots.

D-Link's PowerLine technology uses the electrical wiring in a building to transmit network data just like Ethernet cables would. This way you can safely and easily get a reliable internet connection from one floor or room to another, defying the normal barriers and interference that would create Wi-Fi deadspots. 


"D-Link's PowerLine technology lets you turn your home or office's existing wiring into one big Ethernet network"


What you need:

·        2x D-Link PowerLine adapters (i.e. an entry and exit point)

·       1x Router and internet source

·       Plugs that are on the same circuit in the areas where you need internet

·        The wiring of the building to be in a reasonably good condition


How it works:

Setting up your D-Link PowerLine adapters is truly as easy as plug-and-play. Simply connect one of your D-Link Powerline adapters to your router and plug it into the nearest wall outlet. Then plug the other adapter into a wall outlet where you require internet and sync the two units by pushing the Simple Connect button. Now you can connect any device to your adapter and enjoy a fast, secure and stable internet connection. Simple as that.


Expanding your network:

The other great thing about D-Link's PowerLine adapters is that once you have set up your base unit that connects your router to a power outlet (your entry point), you can add more adapters (your exit points) throughout your home as required. All D-Link's PowerLine adapters are compatible with each other and can be used interchangeably.


How secure is a PowerLine network?

D-Link's PowerLine networks are very secure, promising you peace of mind in an age where external threats are ever imminent. Simply pressing the Simple Connect button on the base unit, creates a private encryption key that lets you securely sync other adapters to the network. This means setup is a cinch while access from external threats isn’t.


Ready to meet your match?

Here is a quick comparison of D-Link's most popular PowerLine adapters:

Ready to meet your match?





DHP-208AV – Mr. Gets it done:

The DHP-208AV PowerLine AV Mini Adapter is an entry level PowerLine Adapter. It’s really all you need to provide a reliable connection to digital media devices such as computers, printers or storage devices in hard-to-connect areas of your home. It gets the job done without any fuss. Perfect for easy connection throughout your home. The DHP-208AV is sold separately but can also be purchased as a pair in the DHP-209AV starter pack.

The DHP-208AV is sold separately but can also be purchased as a pair in the DHP-209AV starter pack. 

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DHP-W310AV – Mr. Reliable:

The DHP-W310AV PowerLine AV500 Wireless N Mini Extender lets you extend your existing home network to enjoy high-speed and reliable connectivity throughout your home. The DHP-W310AV is capable of high speeds of over 200 Mbps for Powerline and 300 Mbps for wireless, enabling you to stream movies, download large files, and enjoy a fast Internet connection for web surfing while keeping your network protected with WPA/WPA2 and WEP wireless encryption.

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DHP-W312AV – Mr. Best of both worlds:

The DHP-W312AV Powerline AV 500 Wireless AC600 Extender is perfect for anyone who wants to extend reliable Wi-Fi coverage to a hard-to-reach area of their home. It acts as a wireless extender, enabling you to simultaneously increase your wireless coverage and deliver wired connectivity to an Ethernet-enabled device. It’s really the best of both worlds.

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DHP-346AV – Mr. Multi tasker:

The DHP-346AV Powerline AV200 4-Port Switch allows you to share your connection with multiple computers, game consoles, or media players throughout your home or office. Once connected, your switch can deliver a high-speed connection to up to four Ethernet devices while port-based QoS ensure the performance of gaming, VoIP, and multimedia applications.

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So whether you have a big complex network or simply need to reach a pesky Wi-Fi deadspot, D-Link’s range of PowerLine adapters have the perfect solution for your home or office.

The above PowerLine adapters can be purchased from any of our local distributors:


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