D-Link 2.5G Ethernet Solutions Raise the Bar for Wired Connections

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D-Link delivers new 2.5G Ethernet Adapter and Unmanaged Switch

D-Link today announced their new DUB-E250 USB-C to 2.5G Ethernet Adapter and DMS-106XT Multi Gigabit Unmanaged Switch at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. The emergence of Wi-Fi 6 and increase of network traffic has driven wired networks to require higher bandwidth. Single Gigabit Ethernet is no longer sufficient. 2.5G Ethernet is one of the latest technology trends driving innovation in networking and changing the consumer experience. D-Link’s new 2.5G Ethernet solutions upgrade networks by providing a more reliable, stable, seamless network and easily multiplying the network speed by 2.5 times.

D-Link’s DUB-E250 is the smallest USB-C 2.5G Ethernet Adapter on the market that breaks network bottlenecks by enabling 2.5 times the bandwidth of a Gigabit ethernet connection and makes feasible many more high-performance online activities. Fully backward compatible with existing network equipment, the DUB-E250 allows for affordable, fast, worry-free transition to high-performance experiences. The DUB-E250 has also been recognized as this year’s CES Innovation Award Honoree.

The DMS-106XT is D-Link’s new unmanaged switch that accelerates network efficiency and delivers uninterrupted online experiences. Featuring 2.5G Ethernet ports and one 10G Ethernet ports, users can connect to 2.5G Ethernet notebooks for HD streaming and gaming while the 10G port connects to storage for quick backup or restoring of data. Turbo mode activates extremely low latency for high quality streaming and gaming with just one click, and customized LED provides users with instant network feedback. Its multi-gig ports are backwards compatible with existing cables and equipment so that it can be deployed where extra bandwidth is demanded without costly, time-consuming re-cabling or equipment replacement costs.